Find Youth-Projects around the world!


Intended purpose of this website:

  • Find Youth-Projects around the world!
  • Encourage youth-groups to learn, grow and participate in social responsibility.
  • From social projects to art projects, children can show what they do within their youth-groups to public.
  • Improvement of social-communication in real-life. (Not just virtual on devices.)


  • The groups have to assign a page-manager who will be responsible for the content on their pages.
  • Page-managers of youth-projects-groups can apply for a project-page, send text, pictures and links by e-mail.

Collecting big-data?

  • This site is not intendended to collect or show personal information from individuals like other social-media-platforms. But, linking to and logging into other social-media-platforms might affect, that data from this website, is collected within other platforms.
  • Only “page-managers”(adults, 18+), being responsibile for the specific group-page, have to show their public credentials.
  • Youth-members within their groups are adviced to only add prenames, if they want to be named within their project.


  • Everybody is very welcome to help finance youth-project-groups. Please, contact the page-managers to get more information.
  • If you want to help finance, you are very welcome too. Please, find our account below.

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